Non Woven/Textile

Non Woven : ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer), TBS (Textile Back Sheet), Tissue, Front al tape, Cuff, Front ear, Back ear, Side tapes and other nonwovens for baby diaper, automotive, contruction industries.

Textile : Fibers, Yarns, Grey Faprics, Dyed Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics,Cotton, organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, acetate, acrylic, latex, nylon, polyester, rayon, spandex, many types of blends,Jersey, Rib, Fleece, Interlock, Jacquard, Yarn dyed strips, Pique, Milano,Taffeta, Twill, Satin, Denim, Corduroy, Flannel, Gauze, Poplin, Chambray, Herringbone,Reactive, Acid, Direct, Disperse, Mordent, Pigment,Block printing, Roller printing, Dye sublimation

Garment / Apparel : Baby wear, Blanket, Carpets, Duvet cover, Socks (Lady, Men), Jeans, Thermal suit, Egyptian cotton CVC white bleached fabric, Burmuda short – stock lot buy, Pillow, PP non woven, uniform, PU Boots, Canvas Shoes, Quilt, Coat, Silk Dress, Ladies’ Blazers, Made ups (Linen), Plaids, Semi finished artificial grass carpet, Self inflating air mattress, Sleeping bag, Towel / Beach towels, Underwear, White Tshirts, Work wear, Blouse, Padded Jacket, Comber cotton waste, Casual shoes,boots,sandals, Napkin/ Table Cloth, Backpack, Bags, Luggage, Textile: Uniform, Apron, Towel set, Jacket