Castings: exhaust, In queue product parts, Axle Housing Assembly, Coffee Machine parts, Counter weight filler bit, Meat Mincer, Heating block, Hollow steel structure, Steel structure for solar panel, Die casting assy axle, Insert, Cast PU components, Cast AI components

Extrusion: Aluminum extrusion parts, Baby trolley parts, Alu-alloy part, data strip, Railshaped ruler

Plastic Injection: ABS and PP, Wheel joint for Baby trolley, luggage wheels, coffee machine parts, winddeflector, front beam, black hook, curved shelf, Plastic number, Rota vials, HIV vials, FOB vials, Fasteners & springs,

Stampings: Bread Pans for Automated Ovens, Steel Containers, Steel Containers Coffee Jug, In queue product parts, Industrial Boiler Components, Lamp armature, Stainless steel display tower, Glass reinforcement, Spring wind deflector, Safety bar

Forging: Lower Tube sheet, Gears, Shaft Axle, Custom hot rolled steel profiles

Metal Cutting and Melding: Hollow steel structure, Steel structure for solar panel